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IT Security Issues faced by the SMBs

IT Security Issues faced by the SMBs

You may be running a small or medium level business, but you would have integrated the latest IT developments in your business. The IT security issues are not only faced by the large companies. It is also faced by small and medium organizations. They face the equal share of security issues. Some of the common IT security issues faced by the small and medium businesses are as follows.


Malware includes Trojans, viruses, and spyware. It is the most common problems faced by any people who are using the internet connection or downloading mobile applications. It is said that in the year 2014 and 2013, about three hundred and seventeen million new malware had released and floated on the internet. There was malware in one or other website that you commonly use. It was in the form of advertisement that is a fake advertisement. It will open once the user clicks a website.

The advertisement will ask the user to download an application which a Trojan get installed on the user’s computer. In the same way, when an employee is downloading the mobile application, it gets downloaded and causes trouble to the entire mobile device. It is important for small and medium business owners to check on these issues and protect the systems in the business by using necessary antivirus. When you approach an IT company, they will develop and launch a software that provides protection on the cloud.

security_and_the_internet_of_things_home-300x150Vulnerable web servers
The cyber attackers usually crack and access to sensitive and secure data through the web server of the company. There are more than fifty thousand websites are at risk of vulnerability. If the website contains customer information like passwords, banking accounts, and credit card number, then there are chances of an attack. If your business website is collecting such details, you have to stay protected by accessing the right IT services.

Email phishing

The email phishing has become very common, and it is faced by several small and medium companies. The email may look like official emails, but it would contain malware. It will ask the users to download through attachments and links. It is also sent by sharing credentials to view accounts and networks. If the business is involved in finance, marketing, and sales, they have to remain extra cautious about these security issues. The malware sent through email can corrupt and collapse the entire system. The attacker can easily view your personal details and use in the wrong manner.

Stolen hardware

IT Security IssuesThe small and medium businesses usually use antivirus software and firewalls to protect their information. But still, several employees travel with mobile devices, flash drives and laptops holding sensitive information about their company. When they work away from the office, there are chances for thieves to snatch their hardware and access personal details. They can easily snatch when the employee is waiting at the airport, traveling in a taxi or other situations. When the employee is carrying devices containing sensitive information or financial statements about your business, it will be easily accessed by the criminals.

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How do Windows help in Protecting Modern Security Threats?

Modern Security Threats

Have you installed the all new Windows 10 operating system on your laptop or computer? Well, if not then you need to install it immediately for protecting your business. The Windows 10 provides complete peace of mind to the business owners. In the last five years, Windows 7 was highly used by business professionals and employees. It is a widely accepted operating system. It ruled the market during the last five years.

There are several changes made to its original version, and now it is launched as Windows 10. It helps to protect the business from dangerous IT security threats. If you are looking to protect your business data and system, you have to upgrade your device to Windows 10.

Modern Security ThreatsThere are numerous security threats that challenged even the Windows 7. The cyber hackers are ready to cause mischief and damage to your system in several ways. They can steal the identities and personal details of your business by implementing various advanced hacking tricks.

The Windows 10 protects your computer against modern security threats in a great manner.

Identity protection

The Windows Hello uses biometrics to offer a protected method of viewing your devices. The Azure Active Directory remains as the best access management and complete identity resolution for the cloud.
The Microsoft Passport is an alternative to the multi-factor password. It is simple to deploy and use.

Data protection

The Enterprise Data Protection makes sure to protect your data. No matter where your desktop, mobile or data is location, the feature will safeguard in a great way. It employs containerization solution and integrated deep separation and offers encryption of data on file level.

The BitLockers serves to safeguard your data if you have lost your device or your device is stolen. The Windows 10 is an improved version of Windows 7. It can be used automatically on various new devices.

Threat resistance

The Device Guard needs an application to prove that it is trustworthy before starting to run. The untrusted executables and applications like malware will not run. It works best on Windows 10 devices. If the computer has Windows 8 certified hardware, it will start to work automatically.

Device security

Modern Security ThreatsThe UEFI secure boot prevents the malware or malicious software from running before the operating system starts or embeds within the hardware.

The Hardware-based Security helps to validate and maintain system integrity and hardware.

If you are looking to protect your business against malicious and dangerous threats, ensure to install the Windows 10 operating system.

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